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We know the needs, the worries, the frustrations when it comes to the transportation of your equipment. Our bikes are like our babies – we expect it to be taken care of (TLC) and respected. We know the hassles of boxing – disassembling, re-assembling at the race. Afterwards everything is dirty, you are tired and now you have to disassemble and box your bike in time to catch your flight home. The troubles with flying your bike – the restraints at airports (box size, luggage limit, co2 canisters), not to mention the frustration of trying to fit everything in the rental car often shared by two of you. And, there is no guarantee that the “fragile” sticker works! Being exposed to all of the above mentioned, We realized the need for a hassle free solution. With all the pressures at work, and the challenges of balancing work and pleasure in today’s society, we want to alleviate some of these pressures for you by taking the hassles of transporting your bike away! We have secured convenient drop off points in Gauteng as well as in Cape Town. Meet us in person when you drop your bike off to be transported to an event. Bring your bike race ready knowing that no adjustments will be made to your settings. Collect your bike at the start of the event, ready to race. For your convenience we will have some basics with us should the need arise. After your race you simply Spray your bike clean then drop your bike off with us. Knowing the consequences on dirty equipment, before loading for the return trip to prevent rust setting in. Bikes are individually covered and transported in a closed, box trailer. And for your convenience we offer a one-stop booking option: you can pre-book a service package at the same time you book your bike for transportation. Event though we have an on-line booking system, you are most welcome to mail us with your specific needs and enquiries. At stage events we might surprise you at the water points, SMILE when you see us because our phones are always ready to take a photo which we will share with you afterwards