joberg2C International


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Date: 23 April-01 May 2021
Location: Heidelburg – Scottburgh, South Africa
Cost: on request

  • We meet you at OR Tambo upon your arrival and take your bikes from you
  • We assemble your bikes for you and meet you either at registration, or at the start
  • At registration you drop your non-cycling stuff with us for safekeeping until the finish
  • After the event, we give you your non-cycling stuff and take your dirty cycling stuff from you for safekeeping until the end of your holiday
  • We disassemble and box your bike for the return flight
  • After your holiday we meet you at OR Tambo with your boxed bike and all other luggage you handed us, OR
  • We book your boxed bike and all other luggage you handed us, in at the storage facility at OR Tambo because Sani2C happens 1 week after joberg2c finishes
  • Please make sure you give us the exact and correct flight times


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OR Tambo bike pick up, Assemble bike, Meet at start, Meet at registration, Transport bike to Gauteng, Bike wash and rebox, Meet at OR Tambo with bikes and luggage