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How To Transport A Bicycle To An Event In South Africa

If you’re a cyclist, you likely know how frustrating transporting your bicycle to an event in South Africa can be. Here at All-In-Events, we know first-hand what it takes for safe and secure bicycle transportation in South Africa because we are cyclists ourselves. We are here to share the best solutions for transporting your bike to events without stress.

Use A Bike Bag

Bicycle bags are specifically designed to hold a bike you’re transporting securely in place, protecting it from being knocked around or scratched during the move. Typically, you are required to remove the pedals, saddle and sometimes other bike parts before strapping the bicycle securely in place. Of course, you will need to have enough room to transport the bike bag on your trip.

Courier It

Many couriers offer the option to courier your bicycle to an event in South Africa. All you would need to do is pack the bike into an appropriately sized bag or box and ship it off to your destination as you would any other parcel. Similar to a bike bag, you typically need to remove certain parts and make sure the bike is secure and padded so it is not damaged.

Use A Professional Bicycle Transportation Service

One of the best options for transporting your bicycle in South Africa is to work with a professional bicycle transportation service. Services such as these can be relied on to pack up and transport your bicycle for you so you don’t have to worry. Even better, you may not even have to remove a single part.

At All-in-Events, we are specialists when it comes to the safe and secure transport of bicycles to events in South Africa. As cycling enthusiasts, we know all the tips and tricks to ensuring your bicycle arrives at its destination safe and sound – just as you left it. With All-in-Events, bicycle transportation in South Africa is as simple as can be. We offer you a quick and easy sign-in process before you hand your bike to us, clean and race-ready. You don’t need to remove your saddle or pedals or even need to remove your water bottle or tubby bags before handing your bike over, it’s as easy as that! We can even join you at the event and help with our pre-booked bicycle servicing to ensure your bike is in perfect working condition.

Looking for a safe and secure way to transport your bicycle to your next event in South Africa? Give All-In-Events a call. You can reach us on 082 729 7955 or email to find out more.