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All-In-Events Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Transporting Bicycles To Events In South Africa

At All-in-Events, we make bicycle transportation in South Africa as simple as can be. With us, you can rest assured that, no matter your destination, your bicycle will arrive safe and sound and ready to ride. We are happy to answer some of your frequently asked questions about how we transport your bicycle to events in South Africa.

How do I check my bicycle in?

Every company will have its own check-in process. At All-in-Events, all you need to do is sign in, be sure to take your Garmin or GoPro with you and wait as we tag your bike and hand you a copy. That’s it!

Where can my bicycle be transported to?

All-in-Events can transport your bicycle anywhere in South Africa! If you are transporting outside of the country, we can help advise you to the best of our ability.

Do I need to remove any parts?

With some bicycle transportation options, you need to remove pedals, drop saddles and all kinds of other hassles. With All-in-Events, you don’t need to remove so much as a water bottle! It’s as easy as that.

What should I expect to receive?

When you transport your bike with All-in-Events, you will receive your bicycle in just the same condition as you handed it over it. We will ensure that it is lubed up and ready to go!

Can my bicycle be transported to anything other than races?

At All-in-Events, we can help you ensure that your bicycle arrives safely and securely, no matter your destination. Whether you’re off to a race, are travelling to a different province or would like your bike delivered to your holiday destination, we can assist. We even offer private bike tours anywhere in South Africa to enjoy at your leisure.

Is there a trustworthy company for bicycle transportation in South Africa?

At All-in-Events, bicycle transportation in South Africa is not our job – it’s our passion. We offer safe, secure bike transportation that you can trust. On top of our reliable transportation services, we can meet you at your event and take care of your bicycle servicing needs at your event to ensure your bike is ready to go and in top condition.

Looking for a safe and secure way to transport your bicycle to your next event in South Africa? Give All-In-Events a call. You can reach us on 082 729 7955 or email to find out more.